Images are generated with a help of ImageServer. We can add them in different places of the CMS, mainly by usintg the “Image” button which is placed under the text editor of the website.

WinduCMS wklejacz obrazkow

After uploading one or more images (multiloader allows adding multiple images) we have the possibility to add an image in 4 different sizes:
  • small - 270 x 180 px
  • medium - 540 x 360 px
  • large - 940 x 626 px
  • orginal – original size
Also, we can generate our own link to the image based on its code, in link we state type of alignment, size and filter called by imageServer.

  • IMAGES_KEY – is a value "ekey" from a table with pictures, unique for each added image
  • HIGHT – parameter given in pixels
  • WIDTH - parameter given in pixels
  • TYPE_OF_MATCHING – cuts thumbnails, we have at our disposal several types of cutting thumbnails f.e.: fit, smart, original, fixed, limit, thumb
  • FILTR - each image can be additionally processed in a specific way, we can choose from several filters. Filters can be connected together by using “_” f.e: filtr1_filtr2_filtr3. At our disposal we have:blur, brighter, grayscale, bw, sepia, contrast, original.
The final address of an image looks like this:

We recommend you test this mechanism by adding an image to the gallery and then copying its link from your website and play with its parameters.

We are continually working to improve Windu CMS!

By visitng the Windu website you will be kept up to date on new developments concerning the CMS.

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