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Amazing add-ons

By buying a license you get many additional tools. Depending on the package you buy - PRO or PLUS. You would receive between 6 and 11 add-ons that expand standard functionality of the CMS.

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Własna stopka

Moreover, you don't have to put information about Windu authors in the footer! It's very suitable for interactive agencies and their clients.

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Tools available in versions PRO

After purchasing and activating the key, you're gaining access to many useful tools.

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Backup copies

The system allows creation of backup of whole website. Everything is integrated with CRON and allows restoration of the system in any moment.

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SEO tools

Tool for monitoring 404 errors and allowing an easy way to redirect given address to any page, without editing .htaccess and websites code!

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Banner system

Windu has an advanced ad-management system. It allows the user to define advertising regions, limit clicks and displays as well control the duration of an ad campaign.

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Polls system

Gives you an option to create polls, which can be managed from the admin panel.

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In monitoring we have an ability to view system parameters on time graphs. We can follow the websites positions on Alexa, its page rank just as well as software parameters! 

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Contacts is an advanced teleaddress data management panel of your clients. They are aggregated automatically via contact form or can be imported from excel files.

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An advanced mass mailing system. It offers dynamically generated templates and creation of new address lists in relation with the contacts tool.

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RSS Integrator

Integrator allows downloading of content from other websites that have RSS channels, publishing them and automatically re-publishing them on our website. It also gives you the ability to manage your own RSS channel.

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System Log

In system log you can view all the events that happened during work of the CMS. It shows 404 errors and hostiles log ins and instability of the server.

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Databases is a simplified management interface of the whole Windu database from admin level. We can edit and view records in the database and check its condition.

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Firewall helps protect our website from DDOS attacks. After passing a certain amount of requests on our server per hour, the system blocks the offending IP and sends us the information about the event.

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Request Log

In request log you can view all requests directed at our website. It allows us to analyze security and break in attempts to the system.

We are continually working to improve Windu CMS!

By visitng the Windu website you will be kept up to date on new developments concerning the CMS.

2014-05-19 Battle Report

Since the release of Windu 3.0 we have we have done a lot of stuff to our CMS. The most important event in the near future will be the upgrade to version 3.1, which means a...

2014-03-25 Windu 3.0 - list of changes

After many months of challenges, new version of our CMS is finally out! We've decided to drop the idea Windu 2.4 and go for 3.0 straight away due to amount of changes...

2013-06-17 Update - Windu CMS rev 1432

New Windu CMS update is available for download at update server! Update includes several changes in our system: Pinning of tabs - allows fast navigation between open...

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