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Your graphic design

We'll design the layout of our CMS system specifically for your company. We'll delete all the footers and all the visible information about the software designers. Our CMS will start to look like it was made by your agency! You'll become an owner of your Windu CMS distribution version and your projects will gain prestige.

Clients very often have negative attitude towards websites based on a free CMS and are not willing to pay more than few hundred PLN for such projects.

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Low cost of an individual license

By choosing Windu ULTIMATE package, you gain a special license key containing from 100 to 1000 stations.

Max cost of an individual license will be 5$. License cost

  • 50 - 5$ per license
  • 100 - 2$ per license
  • 250 - 1$ per license

Price your package

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Dedicated modules

As an additional option you can buy a dedicated tool. Don't worry if you don't have a proper workforce at this moment. You need a specialized module for Windu, but it's not a problem for us! We'll make this bonus tool just for you in no time!

Our programmers are capable of handling almost any job, whether you need a dedicated internet shop based on Windu or maybe a module to integrate with the forums. It's not a problem, we'll do it for you!

Ask about module

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Technical support

By choosing Windu ULTIMATE you receive a support package. Our support will assist you either over the phone or via e-mail.

If you choose to purchase one of our care packages you can use those hours in any way you want be it training your developer, creating tools or anything else that comes to your mind!

Care packages

  • 5hr a month - 400$ per month
  • 10hrs a month - 600$ per month
  • 40hr a month - 1000$ netto per month

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Become an owner of Windu ULTIMATE

Zyskaj własną szatę graficzną w panelu CMS oraz bardzo niski koszt jednostkowy licencji.

Ask for pricing!

We are continually working to improve Windu CMS!

By visitng the Windu website you will be kept up to date on new developments concerning the CMS.

2014-05-19 Battle Report

Since the release of Windu 3.0 we have we have done a lot of stuff to our CMS. The most important event in the near future will be the upgrade to version 3.1, which means a...

2014-03-25 Windu 3.0 - list of changes

After many months of challenges, new version of our CMS is finally out! We've decided to drop the idea Windu 2.4 and go for 3.0 straight away due to amount of changes...

2013-06-17 Update - Windu CMS rev 1432

New Windu CMS update is available for download at update server! Update includes several changes in our system: Pinning of tabs - allows fast navigation between open...

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