General description

Windu CMS is based on PHP. To edit the system code we suggest to use the program called Eclipse with  PDT (PHP Development Tools) installed. For your comfort, install on your local computer an apache server (WAMP for Windows or NAMP for OSX) and in our servers "www" folder create new PHP project from Eclipse level.

A station configured in this way will allow for a comfortable navigation inside the system.

Windu is not using any known framework, for our systems needs we created a new framework called WinduCORE, it's a typical MVC. The system has its own views based on the SMARTY template system, controllers and models. Everything is totally object oriented. A person that knows the basics of object oriented programming should manage to add new plugins.

The system has an update engine which overwrites standard files in the app catalog, thats why you shouldn't modify windu files if you want to update it from website level. The only allowed operation in such case is creation of new folder called "plugins" and adding it to the configuration, this way nothing will get overwritten and our system will still be able to get updated.

We are continually working to improve Windu CMS!

By visitng the Windu website you will be kept up to date on new developments concerning the CMS.

2014-05-19 Battle Report

Since the release of Windu 3.0 we have we have done a lot of stuff to our CMS. The most important event in the near future will be the upgrade to version 3.1, which means a...

2014-03-25 Windu 3.0 - list of changes

After many months of challenges, new version of our CMS is finally out! We've decided to drop the idea Windu 2.4 and go for 3.0 straight away due to amount of changes...

2013-06-17 Update - Windu CMS rev 1432

New Windu CMS update is available for download at update server! Update includes several changes in our system: Pinning of tabs - allows fast navigation between open...

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