Windu CMS

Update - Windu 2.2

There is a new system update avaiable! Below We present list of changes We've implemented to the newest version.

​All users of purchased licenses will have to enter their license key after updating to version 2.2 after. Key won't be taken away from Your avaiable keys – You just have to activate it again. It is a one time operation caused by changes in update system.

Remember to activate the key from the same domain/adress from which it was activated for the first time!

List of changes and improvments:

  • Boost of systems efficiency in the admins panel by over 70%
  • Boost of systems efficiency on main page vy over 240%/li>
  • Optimilized image display
  • Limited amount of requests in admin panel from 7 to 1 per refresh
  • Limited amount of requests while loading images
  • Optimilized CSS and JS files compression in both admin panel and on main page
  • Optymalizacja ładowania danych Widgetów - system od wersji 2.2 nie ładuje wszystkich widgetów a jedynie te, które są wykorzystywane na danej podstronie.
  • Translation system for language files changed and immunized for mistakes in files with translations
  • Transfered periodically made tools to cron
  • Optimilized variables read multiple times, such as config or language vairables..

Admin panelk
  • Templates and widgets installer with just 1 click of a button
  • Added option to define own fields for page
  • Many changes in systems UI and improvement of existing panels
  • Added auxiliary menu on main page
  • Moved InPlaceEditor to the FREE version and intergration with auxiliary menu
  • Moved 3 tools from paid version to FREE one (Statistics, Files, Images).
  • Users of PRO version will recive new tools: Cron, Firewall, Reqeust Log
  • Finished developments of tools for paid versions: SEO, Baners, Polls
  • Added auxiliary menu for each module
  • Deactivation option for for chosen panels in order to boost up efficiency of admin
  • Additional tab to moderate articles sent by Users in Users Panel
  • Added downloads statistics of files on a graph

External Tools
  • jQuery update to version2.0
  • Twitter Bootstrap update to version 2.3.1
  • CKeditor update to version wersji 4.1
  • CoreMirror update to version wersji 3.12
  • ImageUploader update

We are continually working to improve Windu CMS!

By visitng the Windu website you will be kept up to date on new developments concerning the CMS.

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