Windu CMS

Contest for the best fan made templates!

We announce a contest for Windu templates! Winners will be awarded PRO keys!
Three best templates will be awarded. Winners will be chosen in a vote and discussion on facebook and forum and also according to our taste and sense of aesthetics.

1st - Place - Windu PRO keys x 25 worth $299
2nd - Place - Windu PRO keys x 10 worth $159
3rd - Place - Windu PRO keys x 3 worth $79

Every template that doesn't win but we see it worthy being a part of our gallery will receive Windu PRO key x 1 worth $39
Every template author will be described on our website along with a link to his website.

Template requirements!
  1. Template should be created based on clean installation of Windu system downloaded from our website (1134 revision or higher).
  2. Template should be coded according to art perfectly with use of Twitter Bootstrap in Responsive technology just like templates available in the system right now.
  3. Template should be based on data available in base installation of Windu.
  4. CSS code modifying widgets should be included in templates files, it should overwrite widget styles if its necessary.
  5. Template should contain footer information about author, style and link and information about windu system just like it is in the current templates (change wysoko.org link to website of Yours and don't change windu one)
  6. Template shouldn't be similar to current templates, We're counting on Your invention which will allow expansion of current templates. We advice to base Your templates on current ones and modify their code.
  7. Template should be zip file and max. 5 MB
  8. Recommended inspirations: http://jcd-pl.deviantart.com/favourites/40994025

1. Author of the template should have all the copyrights to it., WE DO NOT TOLARATE PLAGIARISM
2. Author should should send following information in the mail with a template and it has to be of course true.

"I NAME AND LAST NAME declare that I have all the copyrights to the sent template and I give lifetime permission to post my template on Windu website and I allow free use of the templates by other Users, who will download it from the website."

Templates should be sent to the following email address along with a screenshot of the template: contact@windu.org
Contest will take around 30days.

We are continually working to improve Windu CMS!

By visitng the Windu website you will be kept up to date on new developments concerning the CMS.

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